Hi everyone! I’m Celeste, founder and head trainer at REAL LIFE DOG TRAINING. I started this company with one goal:  Helping each dog reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves. Each dog has their own personality – that’s what makes them so special. I want to help them bring out that personality, while letting go of the behaviors that aren’t contributing to a happy life. 


My love for dog training began when I was a firefighter. We had a search and rescue dog at the station, and I loved assisting the dog handler with their training. Over time I began to learn many of the different protocols and tools used in effective dog training. So I decided to start my own pet-sitting and dog walking business.


While out on my walks, I would see other dog walkers being dragged down the street – while my pack was politely walking at heel.  It was then when I realized I had a deep connection with dogs and decided to dedicate the second half of my life to dog training. 


At the same time, my dog Hank was starting to display some fairly severe issues.  Hank started displaying aggressive behavior towards larger dogs when play became too much for him. I knew if I didn’t help him change his ways he would most likely get seriously hurt or be killed by a larger dog reacting to his aggressive behavior. This was the trigger that pushed me to fully immerse myself into the dog training and rehabilitation world. I traveled to study with other trainers and learn their methods of aggression rehabilitation.

This experience lead me to help families rehabilitate their dogs with aggression after they had already been told by other trainers to euthanize their dog . 


The skills I learned as a firefighter made the transition to dog trainer seem almost instinctual.  When being immersed in life or death situations - you have to be in the moment and completely focused on the task, while also being acutely  aware of your surroundings.  That kind of experience is similar when working with aggressive dogs. In order to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, you have to have safety protocols in place and be focused on the dog you are working with - and everything else in the environment. Whether that be other dogs, people, or outside distractions.  


I truly enjoy the process of helping each and every one of my dogs and their parents. Watching a dog change from being bratty, fearful, insecure or anxious into a happy and well behaved dog is an amazing feeling. If you are ready to restore order, balance, and structure back into your dog’s life – I’m looking forward to working with you!