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 Real Life Dog Training is the last stop in behavior modification, obedience training, leash reactivity and aggression issues in Tampa Bay, though Celeste travels all over the country to work with clients.


 If you've been through other dog trainers and still haven't found the results you were looking for then we are the Dog Trainers for YOU. Many of the local Tampa Bay dog trainers refer the more difficult cases to us.

 If you're in need of help with other behavior issues like jumping, counter surfing, barking, leash pulling, eating non food objects like shoes or socks, destruction of house or household items or your dog just doesn't listen to you, we can help you as well. Of course if you need help with basic obedience or getting your puppy off to a great start we can help you with that too. The best way to avoid having a dog with leash reactivity or aggression issues it to build a solid foundation before those issues arise. 


 We are a results based company. We care about our clients goals and make sure every one of our clients are successful. We work with you until your dog's issues are resolved and the relationship between you and your dog is transformed. 






"I was ready to find another home for Rex until a friend told me aboutReal Life Dog Training. Rex is now the dog I always wanted for our family."


- Janice Montoya

"Real Life Dog Training changed my life along with my two dogs. I learned to be the leader my dogs need me to be. Now, we all enjoy our time together."


- Nancy Williams

"Thank you, Real Life Dog Training, for the total transformation in our dog. We dropped off a beast and picked up man’s best friend."


- Scott and Lacey Grogan

Many owners simply think that their dog's habits are unbreakable. That their dogs are 'set in their ways'. But given the right balance of communication, routine, and both positive and negative motivators - we can help get your dog's behavior back on track. 


We are not just focused on teaching your dog simple commands, but rather building a bond between you and your dog that will help transform your relationship. By focusing on REAL LIFE issues, the training we provide helps you restore balance, order, and structure back into your dog's life.


Whether it's problems with aggression, leash reactivity, or severe fear issues - after our training is complete you will see magnificent improvements in your dog. 


We look forward to working with you! 



Private Lessons

Are you a Do-IT- Yourself type? If so this is the program for you. You will learn step by step how to train your dog. 

The Walk

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk due to their pulling and behavior? We can help. In as little as two sessions we will have your dog walking politely next to you. 

Skype Sessions

Live to far away to meet with Celeste for training? No problem. Set up a Skype session with her today. 







Now serving the following Florida areas:

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